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Grodno Visa Free

Bureau of the international youth tourism "Sputnik" Grodno invites you to visit the Belarusian border without a visa. A visit to Grodno and the surrounding area is possible through our travel company. To do this, it is necessary not later than 3 days before the planned date of visit to send to our e-mail address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. application for visa-free entry to the territory of "Brest-Grodno" and to send for processing a scan of your passport. You will receive all the necessary documents for a visa-free visit by e-mail.

Application for visa-free entry to Grodno

Tips for visa-free visitors of Grodno:

  1. Foreign visitors can visit Belarus without visa if they plan to visit visa-free territory "Brest-Grodno" for tourist purposes for up to 15 days.
  2. One can cross the State Border of Belarus at the next checkpoints: a) road checkpoints: Brest (Terespol); Bruzgi (Kuznia Belostockaya); Domachevo (Slovatichi); Beniakoni (Solechniki); Berestovica (Bobrovniki); Peschatka (Polovcy); Privalka (Raigardas). b) pedestrian and bicycle checkpoints: Pererov (Belovezha); Lesnaya (Rudavka); Privalka (Shvendubre). c) railway checkpoints: Brest (Terespol); Grodno (Kuznica Belostockaya). d) airport checkpoints: airport in Brest; airport in Grodno.
  3. The visa-free territory of "Brest-Grodno" includes the territories of Brest, Brestsky, Zhabinkovsky, Kamenetsky, Pruzhansky districts of the Brest region; Grodno, Berestovitsky, Volkovysky, Voronovsky, Grodnensky, Lidsky, Svislochsky, Shchuchinsky districts of the Grodno region.

  4. In order to enter the visa-free territory a foreign visitor should possess the document which is issued by Belarusian tourist agency.
  5. In order to obtain the document a foreign visitor is:
    1. to address Belarusian travel agency which has the right to issue such documents;
    2. to receive confirmation approving a foreign traveler’s right to enter Belarus visa-free, and to obtain tourist service which should be booked in advance.
  6. Before entering Belarus a foreign visitor is to get a health insurance for staying in Belarus.
  7. A foreign visitor entering Belarus visa-free is to present the following documents at Belarus State Border checkpoint:
    1. a valid document which allows to cross State Borders of foreign countries (passport);
    2. the document issued by Belarusian travel agency which allows to enter the above mentioned territories visa-free;
    3. Health insurance.

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