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Sightseeing and thematic excursions

Ancient Grodno attracts tourists with its unique architecture and historical events. There are many stories and legends associated with the city, many of which have already become its history. What is unique about the city above the Neman? What do Grodno residents see, know and appreciate, and how do tour guides surprise visiting guests?

- in Grodno the remains of four churches of the 12th century have been preserved;

- the oldest clock in Europe is located in Grodno;

- in Grodno there is a church in which Peter the Great himself knelt;

- the famous medium Wolf Messing carried out penetration through the wall in Grodno prison;

- gloves from the Grodno enterprise “Accent” are worn by the Queen of England;

- one of the leaders of American organized crime and the creator of a gambling center in Las Vegas, Meyer Lansky, was born in Grodno;

- in the vicinity of Grodno, the remains of the last fortress of Tsarist Russia have been preserved;

- there are only two analogues of the Augustow Canal in Europe.

We will not reveal all the secrets of ancient Grodno. It’s better to come to this city, which stands at the junction of two cultures: Eastern Slavic and Western European, and see everything with your own eyes and hear from local guides.

Today, rich in architectural monuments of the 12th-18th centuries, historical places and events, the Belarusian city of Grodno and its surroundings can be visited by foreign tourists without a visa.

Welcome to hospitable Belarus! See you in Grodno!

The Gray of Ages

A sightseeing tour of the city, during which tourists will get acquainted with the history of the city, cultural and historical places.

Duration – 3 hours.

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City of Tizengauz

A walking tour of the historical part of the city, which arose as a result of the economic reforms of the sub-treasury of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, Anthony Tyzenhaus, in the second half of the 18th century.

Duration – 2 hours.

Grodno royal

Excursion with visits to places associated with the life of the princes of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania and the kings of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth.

Duration – 3 hours.

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New World

A thematic excursion through the streets of the part of the city that emerged at the end of the 19th century, introducing them to their history, the architectural diversity of buildings from different times, the fate of famous citizens and outstanding personalities,

Duration – 3 hours.

Grodno multi-confessional

A tour of Orthodox, Catholic, Jewish and Protestant places of worship, including a meeting with representatives of the clergy of these faiths.

Duration – up to 4 hours.

Jewish quarters of Grodno

During the excursion you will learn about the first settlements of Jews on the territory of the Grodno region, walk through the old Jewish quarters, and visit memorable places associated with the culture and traditions of this people.

In the Great Choral Synagogue you will find a meaningful story from the Chairman of the Jewish community about the appearance of the first Jews in our city.

In the Museum of the History of Jews of the Grodno Region you will be introduced to exhibits telling about the life and destinies of our fellow countrymen, who have become famous far beyond the borders of Grodno.

Duration – 3 hours.

Music in stone

Using examples of buildings and religious buildings preserved in the historical part of the city, you can learn about the features and diversity of architectural styles.

Duration – 2 hours.

Eliza Orzeszko and Sofia Nalkowska in the life of the city above the Neman

Visiting memorable places associated with the names of Polish writers: the house-museum of E. Orzeszko, the S. Nalkowska Museum at the Grodno State University, the Bernardine Church in which E. Orzeszko was married, the grave of the writer in the old Catholic cemetery.

Duration – 3 hours.

History, culture and traditions of the Grodno region

An excursion trip to the agricultural town of Odelsk introduces you to the traditions and life of the border region. The excursionists will visit the local Church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, a monument of wooden architecture of the 18th century, and will take part in a master class by musician Marjan Skromblevich at the Museum of Folk Instruments.

Duration – 3 hours.